Frequently Asked Questions

What can I study at the Global Music Academy?

The GMA will offer 2 degree programs with the following average semesters (including exams):

  1. Bachelor of Music (Global Music)
  2. Post-graduate Master of Music (Global Music)
Are these degrees recognized and accredited by the state?

Yes, they will be.

When will lectures and classes begin?

Bachelor of Music (Global Music):  will be announced.
The post-graduate Master of Music (Global Music):  will be announced.

What instruments can I study?

Every instrument can be studied at the GMA, provided applicants meet the entrance criteria. However, students will be (partially) obliged to study the main instrument of the instrument group chosen (see instrument groups). In case of less common instruments, tuition is based on whether the GMA can provide qualified tutors.

Can I study singing as well?

Yes. The GMA treats singing classes like any instrument major.

Can I study more than one instrument at the GMA?

Yes. Students major in one main instrument and will receive additional classes in instruments pertaining to the main instrument’s group. Students will also learn a secondary instrument as well.

Do I have to play more than one instrument to study at the GMA?

Besides the main instrument (if not piano) students should at least have some basic piano knowledge.

What criteria do I have to meet, in order to study at the GMA?
  • successful entrance exam
  • higher education entrance qualification (matriculation)
  • in case of exceptional artistic ability intermediate school leaving certificate (MSA) will suffice
  • foreign students nay be required to provide proof of fulfilled school attendance
  • right of residence (see visa FAQs)
What are the semester schedules at the GMA? What is the application deadline?

For more info click here.

How do I apply?

You may apply using our online form.

I already have a degree in music. Do I have to meet the same criteria as the other applicants?

Yes. All applicants have go through the same registration and authorization procedure.

I am not from Germany. Are there different regulations for foreign students?

No. Only guest auditors are subject to different regulations. Please contact:

What language skills are required at admission?

Courses are given in English and German. Therefore fluency in at least one of the two languages is required.

How do I obtain my student visa?

Applicants from countries requiring a visa will obtain a student entry visa by presenting their  entrance examination invitation to any German embassy or consulate. The assessment of the visa application is at the hands of the respective authorities.

Can credits received at other institutions be transferred?

Yes. In case of doubt, the admission committee will decide to what extent the credits meet the requirements.

Can I sign up as a part-time student at the GMA?


How much are the academy fees?
  • for the Bachelor of Music (Global Music) approx. 695 €/month
  • for the post-graduate Master of Music (Global Music) approx. 825 €/month
What further fees do apply?

Application Fees, registration fees and examination fees.

How high is the cost of living for students in Berlin?

In the national average Berlin is among the cities with a moderate cost of living. On a european level Berlin fares much better than most other metropolises.

What possibilities exist for financing my studies?

Students may apply for state aid. For further information, follow the link.
bank financing (more details will be available here at the end of the year)

Does the GMA offer instrumental and theory classes for people that don’t want to study for a degree program?

Yes. Our music school Global Music School offers many possibilites for further education.

Does the GMA have its own dormitory?

No. However we offer assistance in finding accommodation.

Can I visit the GMA?

Yes. Visits should be arranged in advance with the school administration.

I have further questions concerning the study program. Whom should I contact?