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About Global Music Studies

Changgo Changgo

We embrace being different: Our faculty has experienced a musician's life first hand, honing their skills for many years on stages all over the world.


You have high standards, both for your education and yourself? We challenge you to explore new paths and define precise goals for your academic career with us.


We recognize potential and believe that the trans-cultural communication of knowledge is the future of music education. Exploring the potential of specifically non-western music cultures and magically transforming them into new forms of urban, cosmopolitan music is our business. For this reason we deliberately focus on fields of study beyond classical music, jazz and pop.


We pride ourselves in offering you a unique, interdisciplinary, modular curriculum, divided into major and minor.


In addition to our majors we offer a variety of hands-on minors, relevant to today's music market, that will help you master all the challenges of being a music professional, e.g. trans-cultural music studies, music & multi-media production and many more.


Team up with us and start developing a strong, multi-facetted profile, that will enable you to successfully compete internationally in a rapidly changing global music market - with confidence.