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Modal Workshop

Open seminar for all instruments!


Saturday, 14th & Sunday, 15th of December 2013

11.00 am - 6.00 pm (including 60 minutes break)


About the Global Music Academy

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We are an institution founded by musicians for musicians.

The GMA is setting the framework for a variety of music educational endeavors:


  • a program of higher education (Global Music Studies)

  • an international teacher training program (Global Music Campus)

  • a local community music program (Global Music BoxX)

Musical Multilingualism

    All our activities are specifically focused on instilling a sense of musical multilingualism in our students. An experience common in today's acquisition of language, can be applied to professional musical training as well: our students actively contribute their prior musical knowledge – i.e. their musical language - to their education to professionalize it in both theory and practice. Furthermore they are given the opportunity to acquire at least one more „musical language“. Deepening and expanding their own musical experience, often driven by migration, they significantly broaden their musical knowledge, to gear up for a career in an increasingly globalized world.

Global Music Studies

We know: living for music is one thing – making it a living is another. Therefore we attach great importance to a qualified and practical training, adequately preparing our students to face up to the challenges of today's music industry. Our program of higher education offers officially recognized bachelor and master degrees as well as various highly valuable minors.

Global Music Campus

Preserving the future – today! Global Music Campus, our teacher training program, is developing concepts alongside our international partners, that help preserve endangered musical traditions for future generations.

Global Music BoxX

Our community music program, is making music accessible throughout Berlin for everyone interested. As part of our community music work we are also called upon by Berlin schools as consultants to further intercultural awareness in today's music lessons.